Broomes Up! 2011 Quidditch World Cup Opens!


Nov 12, 2011- S. Barton

Witches, wizards, and spectators gathered to Randall’s Island today to watch their favorite Quidditch teams compete in the 2011 World Cup. The 2011 World Cup will run from Nov 12- 13. The teams are divided into 3 divisions with each team playing on a pitch field until they advance to the finals.

There was excitement in the air today. Here are some highlights:

Pitch 8: The NY Badassilisks lived up to their tenacious reputation, beating Carnegie Mellon.

Pitch 9: Syracuse went into a sudden death match beating Brandeis. Syracuse members chased, tackled and eventually caught the snitch, proving the this is a full-contact sport.

Pitch 4: Virginia Tech and Minnesota went head to head. It was a fierce battle as Virginia made the final score beating Minnesota.

Pitch 6: The snitch stole the show during Vassar v NYU. Spectators were surprised when a second snitch appeared on the field, waving a pink blanket. It was business as usual for the snitches as they interacted with the audience and even stole a players broom. The high spirited hi-jinks of Quidditch are alive and well. Yet, Vassar didn’t need those extra 30 points; they already dominated NYU 80-20.

It’s like they say Quidditch is an unpredictable sport. Nothing was more shocking when undefeated quidditch team Middlebury, lost. This is a historic moment, will Middlebury be able to pick up the slack and head to finals? Or will a new champion arise?


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