Quidditch casts spell at NYCC/NYAF!


October 15-16, 2011- Sara Barton

Quidditch made its debut at NYCC/NYAF this year. What started as an idea, by Middlebury college students to adapt the famous sport from J.K.Rowlings, Harry Potter series; has grown exponential with teams around the globe. Quidditch has transcended all expectations becoming a hit across the board.

From Saturday to Sunday; spectators got to see demonstration games from NYC local Quidditch team, The NY Baddassilisks, and college Quidditch teams NYU Hundus: Stonybrook and Jetpack Ninja Dinosaurs. The teams also gave audience members the opportunity to play alongside.

None, was more adorable, then on Sunday; when team members from Jetpack Ninja Dinosaurs took the time to teach the next generation about Quidditch or shall we call it “Kidditch”. These kids were formidable.The snitch didn’t stand a chance. Better keep your eyes on these little guys; were looking at Quidditch’s future superstars’.

Brooms Up, Everyone!


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