Middlebury Wins 2011 Quidditch World Cup!

220px-2011_iqa_world_cup_high_resNov 13, 2011- S. Barton

It was a magical World Cup, as Middlebury made a surprising come from behind, beating  Florida 100-80. Ladies and Gentlemen, it was a fight to the finish, as both sides gave it there all. Middlebury lost their star player, Phil Palmer, early in the game to injury. The yellow cards kept flying all over the field. Florida chaser “Dr. Dre” got carded, for not returning to the goal post after being bludgeoned.

In spite of yesterday’s loss on the field, Middlebury rose to the challenge to prove why they’re the undefeated champions. This is Middlebury’s 5th World Cup win.

Congratulations Middlebury- well played!



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