The Phoenix Rises, Anime NYC Debuts!

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-Nov. 21, 2017- Sara Barton

This weekend, Anime NYC made its debut. It’s been seven years since an anime convention has graced the Jacob Javits Center. In 2007, Reed Exhibitions created New York Anime Festival(NYAF). However, in 2010, it merged with New York Comic Con (NYCC). The concept of combining the two pop-cultures frustrated fans. The end came in 2012 when NYAF was integrated into NYCC. Anime NYC reignited the aspirations of fans; like a phoenix, it’s risen and better than ever!

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Crunchyroll and  LeftField Media wove together a beautiful mosaic of Japanese pop-culture, tradition, and creative innovation. Along with the Full Alchemist (US Premiere), NYC Ramen Summit and Sailor Moon Day; in the midst of cosplayers, there were patrons dressed in traditional Yukatas and Kimonos. Across from the Tokyo Attack Arcade, booths sold yakisoba, snacks, Japanese household items, tea cups, and dishware.

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The anime scene has changed since 2007. Anime NYC is a reflection of that; especially in artist alley, amidst the fan-based pop-culture items; one could also find Japanese prints, charms, and keychains. Sellers often commented that it was their charms that sold the most. Manga artist/illustrator, Hiroki Otsuka, said, “It’s a cross between Flame Con and Anime Fest.”

What makes Anime NYC different is its brilliant utilization of the Jacob Javits Convention Center space. Unlike NYCC, there were Security/Prop Check tables at each entrance, the Expo Hall, and panels to avoid massive entry lines. There were open spaces for photographers and to prevent over-crowding. An attendee in a giant Pikachu costume took advantage to entertain patrons.

This reporter appreciated that the Press Room was in private room on the second floor. It was a tranquil oasis from the hustle and bustle.


Also, Anime NYC strategically placed the gender-neutral bathrooms in the Expo Hall, where there was a high volume of attendees, cutting down on long lines. (Remember fellas, please the put the seat down. It’s courteous and it speeds up traffic.)


Deadpool crashes Anime NYC

NYCC has a reputation for being very crowded which can be overwhelming for patrons. Although Anime NYC had 20,000 attendees in comparison to the 180,000 at NYCC; it gave the feeling of a smaller and friendlier convention. This lead to an opportunity to socialize and meet new people, which attendees greatly appreciated.

It’s only the beginning; Anime NYC will become an annual affair (as of Nov. 16-18, 2018).

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