Samurai Beat Radio Presents: Sara Barton’s Exclusive with Yoshiyuki Tomino

Sept 26, 2009 -S.A. Barton

Live from the New York Anime Festival! Samurai Beat Radio is proud to present: Sara Barton’s interview with, the legendary anime creator/director, song lyricists, Yoshiyuki Tomino.

Yoshiyuki Tomino was the main guest speaker at the New York Anime Festival; in honor of the 30th Anniversary celebration of Mobile Suit Gundam.

He is best known for the creation of the series Mobile Suit Gundam. The series revolutionized the robot/mecha genre into what it is today; and also lead to several movies, spin-offs and many alternative Gundam universes. His most recent works include Brain Powerd (1998), Turn A Gundam (1999), Overman King Gainer(2002) and The Wings of Rean (2005).

As a change of pace, we discussed his career as a song lyricists and his thoughts about why he created his work. Afterward, he even gave a few tips on how to be a better reporter. There’s no such thing as too much good advice.

Samurai Beat Radio would like to thank Tomino-san for giving us the opportunity to interview him. It was an honor and a humbling experience.

I hope you enjoy the interview and Happy Birthday Gundam!

edited by: Mandy Ng

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